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2018 Holiday Special: Coaching Program

I am running a special for a year long program of coaching/mentoring. It is 1 call a month for 45min-1 hour and it is in support of your journey.

This is not a cookie cutter program, it is specific to you. The first couple calls are usually exploratory, if you are not sure where you want to go, then I hold space and share info as it comes up for you.

Example: last year I met a woman at a conference, we happened to sit next to each other on the last day and she told me she was at crossroads, she wanted to sell her business and was considering opening an Airbnb in Panama (where she was presently living). She hired me and we started working together in January 2018… she has since sold her business and opened her Airbnb and her life has opened to a whole new world of possibilities.

Helping my clients set goals, determine actions to achieve the goals, and helping them find the resources to execute the action. That makes my soul sing!

Here is a testimonial from another client whom I have been working with for a couple of years. She is a young woman and has big goals/dreams. She describes how I worked with her:

“Janet’s holding space to me is implementation because good life coaching is like a volcanic island. It creates new terrain for the mind, heart and soul. In a volcano, the debris and molten rock rising to the surface that was previously hidden. Oddly even though this looks and feels like new terrain, it’s a resurrection of our past material as well. And this is all made possible by Janet co-creating space on both levels of formulation and implementation. So if you think about it, she are helps implement in one of the most profound ways.”

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