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Holiday Special - Coaching Program

Interested in a year-long coaching mentoring program? I'm running a holiday special — go here for more details!


Her workshops inspire! They are interactive experiences designed to create and builds teams for positive outcomes. When teams work together, environments are changed, people are supported and everyone works together for the common goals.

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Her visionary coaching takes individuals and groups on a journey from where they are to where they want to be. She holds visions for her clients that they didn’t even see for themselves, provides excellent resources for success and stimulates change with conversations that heal.

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As a speaker, Janet gets to the heart of the subject while captivating audiences for real change in real life. Her stories inspire and audiences begin a journey with her that connects them with their greater purpose no matter what has or has not happened in their lives.

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Life is team sport and Janet builds communities that addresses the trauma, creates awareness, builds connections, aids in recovery and moves them to celebrating life to its fullest.

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Family Connekt takes you from trauma to celebration. From where you are to where want to be and connects you to resources you didn’t know were there. Janet Wiszowaty is a living testament to the tremendous power of the community who banded together helping her on a journey to mental and physical well being. Coming from the depths of darkness and despair, she knows what it is like, she has been there. Her passion is working with those who have been affected by, witness to and victims of trauma and its aftereffects. Her workshops, coaching, speaking engagements and abundance of resources are designed to facilitate a journey to celebration, no matter what.