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Being Grateful

I went on my walk this morning appreciating the new growth on the trees, the clean air I am breathing and just the freedom to go for a walk on sidewalks in my neighbourhood. As I walked up to my house and put the key in the door I was grateful, I had a house with a door to put the key in.

This past week has seen a town in Northern Alberta pretty much destroyed. So many people have lost their homes but it is more than that when you start to think about it. There were seven police officers and their families that lost their homes, I know of at least one Fish and Wildlife officer who lost his home. When you break it down from a town that was burnt by a wildfire it becomes more real, think of walking down the street in your town, imagine seeing concrete foundations where a business use to be. It is not just a business, it was someone’s business, it was someone’s place of employment.


As I go through my day I am grateful I have a home to come home to, a car to drive and my place of employment still standing. I am grateful I can go to my closet and take out something to wear, jump in the shower and have a towel to dry myself off with. In our family room, we have my granddaughter’s toy horses for her to play with when ever she comes over. I cannot even come close to imagining what the people of Slave Lake are going through but I can be grateful and refrain from complaining.

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