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Life on the Move: Denver, Colorado

16th Street Mall, Denver

Image Credit: Whitebeard Photography

We love traveling and to keep expenses down we housesit, we look after someone else’s home and their pet/s while they travel. Housesittting allows us to travel without the expense of accommodations. We do not have to eat out for every meal and can buy groceries as we need them.

16th Street Mall

We enjoyed our first day downtown exploring the 16th Street Mall. Public vehicles are not allowed on that stretch and there are free buses running up and down allowing you to hop on and off. We found a parking spot and thanks to the parking attendant figured out the ins and outs of the parking and she even suggested where to eat. We had a nice lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. We finished off the day at Union Station with a Mocha and a Cappuccino that made me think of Italy.

Getting Around

We chose to drive down to Denver which allowed us to sight see on the way and avoid the time restrictions of flying. Once we were settled in we checked out the local transit and visited the tourist information center downtown just off the 16th Street Mall. The gentleman that we spoke to was so helpful and it was evident that he loved sharing information about Denver and the surrounding area. It was also the AAA(CAA for us Canadians) local office and we were able to get some maps and tourist info.

We purchased day passes for their transit system (RTD), which included bus and their light rail system. We found it quite inexpensive. If you are 65+ their is a 50% discount. We drove downtown the first time and paid for parking, we also had to pay for parking at the Cherry Creek Mall that is closer to downtown. We found the malls further out had free parking.

As with anywhere, it takes time to learn the area and we found GPS very helpful.


  1. Hi Janet! Love your blog! You truly inspire others to be adventurous! In response to your previous post “Silence”, that same experience happened to me when leaving after watching Shindler’s List at a theatre in Calgary. It was so surreal. My girlfriend and I never spoke to each other for a few blocks on our way home. We just wept “silently”…..

  2. Hi fellow house sitters and good friends. What an excellent idea to write a blog about your adventures! Onward to more great house sits. Maybe next time, we’ll find something close to each other. .. wouldn’t that be fun!

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