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Photos used with permission from Denver Police Department

When my husband was a police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police we moved from one small community in Canada to another. Our children were small, and when their father would come home from work for lunch and park the police car in front of the house they would run outside to meet him. Soon their little friends would as well and Les took it as an opportunity to teach these kids. He would show them the inside of the police car and turn on the emergency lights or turn on the siren. The kids loved it.

I fondly remember one mother of 3 boys come up to us one day and tell us that her boys were afraid of police in uniform and that before meeting Les would have probably run and hidden from a police officer if they were lost and saw a police officer looking for them. Now she knew her boys would see a police officer as Les and not be afraid.

A Denver Police Initiative

I was very happy to see this post, on the news, about the Denver Police while visiting in Denver. Policing has changed since my husband was a police officer where he had the opportunity to connect with the youth in a small community. Creating positive relationships takes time and common ground. Police officers do not always have that so I comment the Denver Police for taking this action which will result in a healthier and happier community.

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