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Snow Blowing leads to connecting with the neighbourhood.

Snow blowing has become a favourite of many this last winter season and on one of Les’s many sojourns to clear the sidewalk on our block led to connecting with some neighbours on the block. On his way back from clearing the snow at our friend Kathy’s (Kathy Millar our Community League President), Les helped clear a car port and this lead to him meeting Mike. Mike has a keen ear for small engine problems and when he heard Les’s snow blower backfiring he knew it needed a tune-up and Mike was just the person to accommodate that. This lead to Les
heading over to Mike’s a few days later where the motor got a tune up, Les met some people on our block and the best of all thanks to Mike, he gets to continue playing in the snow with his snow blower.

Do you know who lives on your block?

Janet and Les moved to the Prince Charles community six years ago. Janet has also served as Membership Chair on the Community League Committee. If you show up at the Prince Charles Community Park you might see Janet or Les at the park with their granddaughter Hanna who especially likes the water park.

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