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Seeing Through Other’s Eyes

A while back I went on a spontaneous trip to visit my cousin who is about three weeks younger than I am. We do not get together very often but always enjoy ourselves when we do. I am amazed at how similar and how different our interests and lives are. She is an artist and I am not…

On this particular trip, we did some reminiscing about our younger years and I told her that I was a bit envious of her and her sister’s artistic talent and their ability to create something after just talking about it. (We lived quite a distance from each other so I would hear about them through my mother by way of their mother, an artist in her own right.) She in turn surprised me by saying that she had been envious of me, whom she thought to be prettier and, unlike herself, had breasts.

This conversation took me back in time to another conversation, where my father made a comment about my sister. He said that she had turned into a swan. This is my younger sister that I had always thought to be gorgeous, she is tall, blonde, and smart to boot.. When I commented on this Dad said he had never worried about me in the looks department.

It is hard to look in a mirror and see what others see. I still do not see myself as they see me. Today the body has a little too much of it and those breasts my cousin was envious of prevent me from wearing those cute little bras and sundresses that look great on small breasted women. Wouldn’t it be nice though if we could take those flattering comments about us and remember that we are not, what we see in the mirror? We are much more than that.

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