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As a speaker, Janet Wiszowaty gets to the heart of the subject while captivating audiences for real change in real life. They gain clarity, enhance their creativity and strengthen their personal goals for dynamic, powerful change. Her inspiring stories capture audiences as they begin a journey that connects them with their greater purpose no matter what has or has not happened in their lives. As Janet says, “When we work together, miracles happen!” Book Janet now for your next event! Download a copy of Janet’s Speaker Sheet here. To book Janet for your next event, call 780-634-0775 or email janet@familyconnekt.com.

Most requested topics:

The Power to Change

We are exposed to crisis, change, and conflict so often that they can seem like part of our normal way of being. The constant exposure to their negative messages takes a toll on us, our relationships, and our communities. The Power to Change is about moving from trauma to celebration by making the conscious decision to stop, review, and shift our thinking from the negative to the triumphant.

  • Traumatic events do not have to define our future.
  • Ensuring contentment by defining our perspective on life and work.
  • Lots of people are stuck, but no one has to stay stuck.

 Balance is not Just a Buzzword!

Janet Wiszowaty does more than talk about balance in this engaging presentation. She helps people understand that feeling as though our lives balanced, fulfilling, and worthy of celebration requires paying attention to the seven elements that make up our life; it is not about having equal amounts of this and that. Janet shares her story with warmth, humour, and an enlightened sense of who she is and how she serves in this topsy turvy world of ours. She will inspire you to consider your own story, and how you can achieve what you are looking for.

  • Understand what balance really is, as opposed to what popular culture tries to define it as.
  • Evaluate how balanced you feel, and help you make some shifts in your thinking to help you achieve your own sense of balance.
  • Learn the seven elements which, when you put them all together, contribute to your balanced, whole life.

 Making Change Work for You

If you’ve ever felt trapped by circumstances beyond your control, you need to listen to Janet Wiszowaty and learn how she has turned a life on the move into a life with rewards, warmth, and meaningful connections. As a child, Janet’s father worked as a conservation officer and the family moved frequently. As an adult, she married an RCMP officer and they moved their entire family every few years. Through one move and then another, and then a few more, Janet learned that she could be in control of what was happening, and to look forward to what was to come. You can apply Janet’s lessons to your busy lives and create a sense of family and community, and to “go with the flow,” rather than having the flow take you.

  • Learn how to see opportunities when you say “no” by considering what you are missing and what you are giving up.
  • Despite having to do something – move across town or across the country – there is plenty we can do to create warm, welcoming spaces for ourselves and our families.
  • While it’s not for everyone, the opportunity to have adventures, live in different cities, and explore can make our lives rich and rewarding.


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